Friday, March 14, 2008

Is this ever going to end?

So, it's been nearly 2 months of never end morning sickness. Whoever decided to call it morning sickness should know better. It isn't morning sickness it's the A.D.N.E.S. a.k.a the All Day and Never End Sickness. Anyway, I've felt useless for quite sometime now. Here is Logan off to work everyday working away to take care of me then comes home and continues taking care of me. Then there is me, the woman that seems to be laying on the couch all day long. Anyway, sorry if this seems like I'm complaining, but I need to get it out. Now I'm going to try to go back to sleep. Hopefully, the A.D.N.E.S. will let up long before my due date.


amy said...

stinky, melissa! i am right there with you, though!! you feel pretty lame lying around on the couch- yet there's nothing else you CAN do.
it will pass soon- and like gar says

keep hope alive

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Hang in there little girl. It takes time - and unfortunately, a lot of morning sickness - to create a masterpiece. It will all be worth it in the end.