Monday, May 10, 2010

The Next Big Step

In the past I've always wanted to attend Cosmetology school,
but I never acted on it.
Recently I've had an even more desire to start school,
but that feeling was put off by baby fever.
Even though I had baby fever,
and Logan and I were pretty much try,
I decide to look into school anyway.
I ended up deciding to go to Avalon, a.k.a Earl's Academy.
I was so excited, I was suppose to start June 15th.
Then one day Logan called me,
and said that his co-worker's wife went to Toni & Guy
and she was offered a job just because she went to T&G for schooling.
So I decided to look around just in case.
After talking to a few people, and a lot of high-end salons,
I decided that the best schools are, Kohler Academy, Toni & Guy, Paul Mitchell.
First was Kohler, and they were amazing,
only issues is that they don't offer financial aid, and their tuition is $18,000.
Toni & Guy was ok, and the same goes for Paul Mitchell.
I really wanted to go to Kohler, but it was way to expensive.
One day I decided to call Kohler's admissions and
I found out that they should be getting financial aid either this fall, Jan 011, or Dec 011.
After a great deal of prayer and thought I came to the feeling that Kohler is the best option once they have financial aid.
So I cancel with Avalon, put the baby trying on hold, and I will soon be a student at Kohler Academy!

What makes Kohler the best:
1. They work Bumble and Bumble (which looks amazing on a resume, very exclusive)
2. They work with Bare Minerals
3. Their kit is amazing, 7 books that teach everything, none of the other schools offered these books! Also, a $200 flat iron that is ten times better than the Chi!
4. They teach you not only hair, but make-up(bare minerals),
nails, and skin care(Dermalogica)
5. The Academy is awesome!!
6. They have a spray on tanning area that I get to use.
7. They do study aboard, like France, England, Japan, and may more places!
8. They have tons of fashion shows through out the school year.
9. The staff is very nice.
10. Very professional all the Salon's love Kohler!

I'm soooooo excited!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Harry and Floyd

Meet Harry and Floyd!
Since Logan won't let me have a malti-poo dog,
I had to settle for some gold fish.
Harry and Berry was the first to join our family.
Both Harry and Berry were suppose to be used for a wedding center piece,
then fed to someone's pet alligator.
But I saved them.
Harry is a very active fish,
and Berry was lazy.
Well it turned out that Berry was actually sick
and ended up dying the next day.
Poor Harry was very unhappy to be alone.
So I decided to upgrade his little home from just a bowl of water to
larger bowl, fun rocks, and a fish house.
Most importantly I bought him a friend, Floyd.
So, meet Harry and Floyd.
Can you guess what movie we named them after?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Birthday Wish... Is March to early to be thinking about my birthday?

I wish that ...
I could spend a day just shopping
for new clothes.
I believe the last time
I really went shopping for a good
amount of new clothing was when I was pregnant.
The majority of all my clothing has long ago
reached the end of their days.
I want to go to all my favorite stores.
I want tons of color.
I want plenty of options.
I want to feel attractive again.
I shop with at a little one, sorry Miles.
I want someone to go with me.
That's my birthday wish.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Baby Can Read! Well not yet, but soon!

I've been worried about Miles and his education.
I remember when I was in school I hated it.
So I wanted to find away to give Miles a head start.
I've heard a lot of good reviews about this product.
Even Tara uses it, and she told me that it works.
Miles is already very intelligent, and I know he will catch on.
I made up my mind!
I bought it!!
I'm very excited about this,
and it will give my something to do during the day.
Yayyy for learning!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news!

We are officially owners of our beautiful piano!! We were originally renting our piano from Milano's. The deal was we would put down $200 and pay $50.00 per month for 1 year, and in the end all the money we put towards to this piano could be used to buy the piano or buy a different piano. Anyway, money has been really tight, we already paid $300 on the piano, but I started to feel that we couldn't afford the piano. I mean we could afford to pay $50 each month, but at the end of the year we would have $800 paid towards the piano, but we would still owe a $1395. I didn't really want to buy a different piano. Ours is every pretty and it's Baldwin, which has a beautiful sound. Well, right before we were about to return our piano, Logan talked to the Milano's people, and it turns out that the owner what some quick cash. So if we gave them $1000 right then we could have the piano! Thank you tax refund!! But seriously we saved some bank, because the piano original price was $2195, and we paid $1300 for it. We saved $895! So now we are officially piano owners!! Yayyy me!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coloring Time

Today I decided to let Miles paint.
So I dressed him in one of Logan's old work shirts from R&K,
put him in his highchair,
gave him is Toddler Paints Brushes, and a piece of paper.
It didn't take long for him to jump right into it.

It wasn't long before idea became a mess.

Cute close up his little hands holding the paint brushes.

Messy Hands!

Right after he was done I decided to give him a bath.
I thought he looked so cute in his outfit.
I had to get a after picture.
I think he looks like me in this pic.

Miles really enjoys his bath time.
Hence the water flying every where.
Mom I was far away from the tub, your camera is fine.

That's my baby boy!
The End!