Thursday, May 22, 2008

To The Love of My Life

Logan, I would like to just say how blessed I am to have you as my husband! I never known someone who's so hard working, so kind, so loving and so understanding. I thank the Lord everyday for entrusting me with your happiness. 

Logan, thank you for always be so supportive. Thank you for listen to me when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder, even when I don't have a reason for crying. Thank you for always kissing me good night and waking up next to me with a smile on your face because you're happy that I'm your girl. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement that you give to me everyday. Thank you for all your silly ways just to make me smile. 

You light up my day, everyday. I'm so happy that I'm your wife and that you are the father of my little one and one day more little ones. Thank you for doing what you can to provide for our little growing family. Thank you for being a great leader in our family. Thank you for always knowing what to say to make me smile again. Thank you for all the back rubs, head scratches and foot massages. Thank you for your sweet heart. You truly are the greatest husband. I Love You, Logan!! :)

Love always and forever,


connie s.miles said...

WOW!! That's quite a tribute!

amy said...

ah, melis! so sweet. :)