Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lil' Miles

Today I went over Mom's house and of course she took pictures. Miles is so alert now. Out all the pictures this one is my favorite. He's such a cutie!

Also, I took Miles to the doctor about his diarrhea problem and I ended up find out the Miles is having normal bowels. I'm not going to write exactly what the doctor said, too much detail, but it was really good to know info for a parent. I can see that Miles is doing better, though. He's starting to smile. I just can't wait until he smiles all the time. Also, Miles now weights 9lbs 12oz. 

Another thing, I'm copying you Melis. I thought that your blog for Reed is such a cute idea. So, I decide to make one for Miles. 

In conclusion, I just realized my post is full of random things. Oh well. Enjoy the pictures of Miles!


beloved30 said...

Aww cute little fish lips!!!

Meredith said...

He is sooo stinking adorable. And I was looking at the pictures on SmugMug--Way Cute.


Melis said...

Oh my goodness, Melis! He is so cute! Looks JUST like his Daddy! I soooo wish I could hold that sweet boy {insert lil' alligator tear}! Just be sure to give him extra hugs & kisses for those that love him in Tay-has!

P.S. LOVE the name of his blog! Hilarious!