Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Mother's heart ache for her baby boy

Miles is having a hard time. We started with Parent Choice(Walmart brand) Soy base formula and that hurt his little tummy. Then we try to move him over to Milk base and he threw all that up. Then we try Lactose and he has gas and now he has diarrhea and a really bad rash, which hurts him to much to sit on his little bum.

It pains me to see my little one suffering and I feel it's all my fault. Some times I feel like I've should've breast fed, but then I think, the same problems can come from that too. I would have to watch what I eat and even still he could end up with diarrhea or gas if I ate the wrong thing.

Anyway, I thought that if I kept Miles hydrated he would eventually stop having diarrhea, but I see no sign of improvement seeing how he started Saturday night and now it's Wednesday. So, I call the doctor and she told me that we should start all over. We will move back to Milk base, but it has to be Emfamil or Similac. If he does well on that then we can slowly move to a cheap brand. Which I will make sure it's the Kirkland brand because I hear it's really good. 

I hope that he will do better this time around.


Meredith said...

Aww, poor little guy. There really seems like nothing that you could do... It's probably just better for him to start over like your doctor said. I really hope that he starts to get better.


Steven T Hatch said...

I hope things work out for little Miles! Steven always seems to be having issues of some kind so I feel your pain!

I also hope you two are going to the Hatch home for dinner tomorrow. It has been a long time since we have seen you and your little family!


P.S. The birth announcements are so cute! You have a little stud on your hands :)

amy said...

oh, poor little guy! i'm so sorry melis. it's hard to troubleshoot. i hope it all works out soon. take care. :)

Melis said...

Oh noooo! I was so sad to read this! It's just not fair (for Miles or you)! You are in my thoughts & prayers that all will be sorted out soon! Love you tons, Melis!

Melis said...
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Leslie said...

It's hard to be a mom sometimes of little guys who can't tell you what's wrong. I'm glad you took him to the doctor's. Just keep trying and things will work out. You are doing a wonderful job.
Mom Hatch