Thursday, October 2, 2008

No More House

Logan and I have been feel pretty "ify" about this whole house thing for the past few months now. Economy is falling farther and farther down and we were afraid that we were going to be sucked into the mess. So, we prayed and fasted, and we feel that moving into a larger apartment would be better for us right now. It will be good for us. Logan will be able to finish his schooling, get a better job, we can save some "bank", and we won't be stressed. 

I'm not sad about not getting the house. Since I feel that my family will be better off. One day we will get a home. All in good time. We must be patient. We may have lost some money, but we both agree it's better to loose that money than to go bankrupt and go through foreclosure. I feel happy with this decision. 


beloved30 said...

That really stinks! But good for you guys to make that hard decision. It sucks being a grown up sometimes huh? You'll get there! There's some really great apartments on Southern and Higley that Preston and I were thinking about for a while before we lucked out with our house. They have garages!

Meredith said...

First off, I really like the new background and banner. So very cute.

Now onto the blog...
That is really too bad, Melis. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. You will be able to save that money real fast now! And yeah, I think that you are making the right decision to lose a little money now, than to lose a lot more later with a possible foreclosure.

And I totally agree with Amy. Go to the apartments that we watched be built in junior high. Those were nice, remember? Besides, then we can be super close again, and I can visit you more often!! hahahaha.


amy said...

sad you aren't getting the house.
glad that you feel good about it and are moving forward in the direction you both agree on. :)
seriously, having peace in you heart is waaaay better than being in a great house and stressing- hardcore.
i'm happy for you.:)