Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day of Little Love Notes

This morning when I woke up I thought it was going to be a normal day but, to my surprise it sure wasn't. I was headed to the bathroom when I noticed something on the wall in our hallway caught my eye. It was post-it from Logan to me. Here is what it said... 
You are probably wondering what this note is for, well I know I haven't showed much love to you and so I want to dedicate this whole day in showing how much I love you and appreciate you. I have hidden 5 notes through out the house, each note will lead to the next. Each note has one reason why I love you so much, starting with the 5th reason. However, I want you to look for each note at a certain time, so that the whole day you will get notes from me telling you why I love you. Therefore, all day I will show my love for you. So if it is 10:00 am or later you can go find the first note, it is in the bathroom above the shower on the ledge of the window. Good luck :) I LOVE YOU!"

So fun! Anyway, it was 10am I quickly ran to the bathroom to find the next note. I'm going to give you the first line of each note; the rest of the note is for me and me only. Hee... Hee... I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what the note is about just by reading the first line anyway.

"One thing that I love about you is your amazing body!" ----- He then goes on in each note why he loves the specific thing.

The next note is hidden behind the vacuum (12pm)

"I am so lucky to get a  wife that works hard in whatever she does."

The next note is under Miles's crib (2pm)

" When we were dating I could just tell by the way you acted and what you stood for,  you would be a great mother."

The next note is is in your scriptures, Alma Chapter 48 (4pm)

Another reason on why I love you is because you are someone that lifts me up spiritually."

The next note is behind our wedding picture in the living room (6pm)


"Do you remember the day we got married?"

What a wonderful note to end the day with. Logan really knows how to make me feel special and important. :) I love you Logan.


Meredith said...

Oh my gosh. That is so sweet.

I want a guy who would do something like that. It is just soo nice. Not to mention incredibly thoughtful!

What a great guy you've got there, Melissa!

connie s.miles said...

WOW! How amazing - - and FUN!! Did you REALLY wait till the right time to go find the next note? Come on Miss - you can tell me - I won't tell Logan that you cheated.

Seriously - Good job Logan!!

amy said...

ah, that's so fun melis! kudos to logan.

beloved30 said...

You're more than welcome to come and see her! Go ahead and bring Miles too. I actaully just got back from a relief society Chriatmas party and I took her with me. I'm going stir crazy and she's very healthy (knock on wood) I'm probably too laid back huh? Just give us a call before to make sure we're home 480-558-6727 that's my cell. See you guys soon!

connie s.miles said...

Miss - It's December and time to catch up on your blogging for November!!