Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a GREAT honor to be Fabulous! :)

I like to thank Amy for give me the Fabulous Award, it's fabulous! Thank you again Chiquitita. Now it's my turn to pass this fabulous award to some else who has a fabulous blog.

The rules are like this:

1. Put a link on your blog from whom you go it.

2. Give it to 5 (or 4)new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).

I will be giving this "Fabulous" award to:

3. Put a ling on your blog to those blogs you give it to.

4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have give them this award.

5. Write 5 things you are addicted to:




My Apple



Meredith said...

I almost had chocolate on my list, but I had a couple of other things I was a little more addicted to at the moment. Haha. I know, Shocker! Right?!


logan said...

I think you are more addicated to bolging

connie s.miles said...

Ok! Get over being Fabulous and BLOG something already!!!