Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A lot has happened

I'm sorry it has take me so long to post something. I've been really busy. We ended up moving from our apartment to a much larger and nice apartment, 2 bedroom and 2 bath. I'm so happy to be in a new place.

Right before we moved we filed our taxes and got lovely refund. We received it about a week after moved into the apartment. So, we went to Sears and bought a washer and dryer, 40" Samsung plasma tv and cute tv stand. I'm so happy to have a washer and dryer. It was murder to have to pack everything up and take everything to my mom's and do laundry, especially when I was pregnant. I've learned to truly appreciate our washer and dryer. What a blessing it is for me.

Anyway, we're all moved in. All we need is a new couch but, who knows when that will happen. I want a section just like Robby and Melis's. It would go perfectly. Here are some pictures of the almost finished product. I'm going to have Amy make some fun signs for me. Once I have that and a new couch I'll be satisfied.

1st pic: entrance 2nd pic: kitchen

3rd pic: dining room

4th pic: the decorating I did above the couch 5th pic: the entertainment center


Meredith said...

Soo cute. I love your new apartment!

beloved30 said...

I'm guessing your refund was about as wonderful as ours was! LOL! Isn't shopping that much more fun when you don't end up in debt afterward???

connie s.miles said...

Your apartment is adorable! And so is your decorating! So happy you're happy!!
Love you!
love, me

amy said...

oh i love it! melis, you did a great job on everything! and let's hear it for tax refunds!
i'm so happy you have a washer 'n' dryer. let me know what size you want your letters. :)