Friday, January 8, 2010

lil' RoCkStAr!

We've had Rock-band for the Wii for sometime, but just recently we decided to play it.
Miles really wanted to get in on the action.
I would let him sit in my lap, and help me hold the sticks for the drum.
He would stare at the screen, and concentrate as hard as he can.
Eventually he would actually know when to hit the drum.
What was really cool he would know what drum to hit at the right time.
He's so smart.
I would let him play the drums still holding his hands, but some of the time
I wasn't even playing and he was.

The pictures below are of him just playing with the sticks on drums. I turned of the game.

Lil' Rockstar

"Check me out!"

Jamming out!


connie s.miles said...

Oh my goodness! Flash forward 15 years when he is 16 and playing the drums in a rock bank!! He's got the style and the LOOK!!

Steven T Hatch said...

Oh no- you're in for it when that little rock star becomes a teenager: "Mom, can my band practice in our garage?" He is so dang cute though, that you are sure to say yes ;)