Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Harry and Floyd

Meet Harry and Floyd!
Since Logan won't let me have a malti-poo dog,
I had to settle for some gold fish.
Harry and Berry was the first to join our family.
Both Harry and Berry were suppose to be used for a wedding center piece,
then fed to someone's pet alligator.
But I saved them.
Harry is a very active fish,
and Berry was lazy.
Well it turned out that Berry was actually sick
and ended up dying the next day.
Poor Harry was very unhappy to be alone.
So I decided to upgrade his little home from just a bowl of water to
larger bowl, fun rocks, and a fish house.
Most importantly I bought him a friend, Floyd.
So, meet Harry and Floyd.
Can you guess what movie we named them after?


connie s.miles said...

Poor Berry! And you thought he was lazy! When I'm old and dying will you think I'm lazy?!

But your gold fish look lovely and I'm sure Miles is loving them!! Just don't let him love them too much!!

Melis said...

Is that Dumb & Dumber? I think.

I think they're super cute! Way fun, Melis!

Steven T Hatch said...

So sad for Berry but at least Harry got a new less lazy friend ;). I love the names! May you and Miles spend many hours staring at these exciting fish ;)