Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I thought wrong

So, last week was the first week that I didn't vomit. What a major improvement. I actually thought that as soon as my cold let up I would most likely be better. BUT Noooooooo... My body is always laughing at me. Every time I begin to think that I'm better it ends up going down hill. I'm beginning to think that I am one of those woman who are sick their whole pregnancy. Bummer man!!


Meredith said...

Aww total bummer if you are sick for your whole pregnancy. But hopefully, you won't be... Maybe you'll be better during the 2nd half? Let's hope so! Loves!

amy said...

i am still holding a candle of hope for you, melis! :)

Lizzie Fish said...

hey - we don't know one another; i jumped a million fences to get to your blog and i'm so sorry you're sick! i'm expecting, too, and am a few weeks ahead, but there is a company called mommy's bliss that makes a morning sickness pill. it's harmless stuff, ginger, b6, folic acid and it WORKS like a charm. i hope you're feeling better soon!

Melis said...

Rob & I went out on a hunt for that picture together & we ended up finding it at a Deseret Book in Chandler. The frame was actually a spackled gold so I took the canvas painting out & spray painted the frame. I LOVE IT NOW! It's my favorite piece in the house! You should totally do it!!!!

We are excited to see you too! Funny story... I bought this new pair of earrings & had them in yesterday & Reed says, "Oh, mom, those are Melissa's." I just started laughing 'cause they totally resemble the ones that you wore in your engagement pictures! I hadn't even realized that until he mentioned it! I can't believe he remembered that! He's so excited to see ya! And, of course, he is always asking if Logan is okay!

We love you guys! Can't wait to see that cute belly! I bet your just too dang cute!

Ashley said...

Oh dear Melissa, I feel for you girl! I spent my first pregnancy over the toilet, the entire pregnancy!! I dont wish it on ANYONE! Hey, my toilet was the cleanest it's ever been though:) Congrats on the baby and hang in there! Seriously as soon as you have it, you 500% better:)