Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Uh Oh!!

Home full of Boys!!!

What ever shall I do? Should I be scared? Hahaha... It will be 2 against 1. Oh well, I shall have my way. I shall be the Queen of the Home and they shall be my servants. Just Playin'


Meredith said...

Hahaha. You SHALL be the Queen. Besides, after Miles is born, you and Logan can get to work on a little girl... hee hee.

amy said...

nice one, meredith. :) melis, the boys will take care of their queen. :)
and, i use photoshop for the DS.
i don't use iphoto much anymore but i still think it's a fun program for enhancing photos.

connie s.miles said...

One thing about boys is they really do feel loving toward their mother and for a few years they bring you all kinds of wonderful gifts - wild flowers (dandelions), precious jewels (rocks), and exotic creatures (butterflies, frogs, pillbugs and caterpillars-but not ladybugs cuz that's for girls). But then when they get a little older and it's not a cool thing to do, they stop bringing gifts - even on special days like you birthday, Mothers Day and Christmas. At this time, do not be tempted to pull back in self-pity, thinking that they should automatically know that they should remember you without you telling, reminding or teaching them to. If you care about them (and your future dauther-in-law) you will insist and teach them to continue to appreciate you, remember you and give you gifts. By so doing, you are teaching them to be considerate, loving, appreciative, giving and less consumed with themselves. And you are teaching them to be a man who will be loved by the women in their lives (their mother, wife, daughters, daughters-inlaw and granddaughters). What better lesson is there to learn than that?