Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Much has happened and will happen in the future!!!

A lot has been happening for our little growing family and it's only been the 1st year of our marriage!! Let's reflect, shall we... Logan and I are married on August 9, 2007. Logan starts a new job at University of Phoenix. Then, in December Logan brakes him right wrist. (Our 1st injury in our family album!) Next, a few weeks later we find out that I'm pregnant and then I end up having big time morning sickness and can't work. Later down the road, we find out it's a BOY!! I know that everyone already knows the news, but Mom did such a good job on this picture that I just had to put it on my blog!! 

Continuing on... We all know that when a baby comes into the picture you have to make LOTS of adjustments. You see, Logan and I live in a small one bedroom apartment and that won't go all to well with a baby. So, now we have to relocate. First, we were thinking on renting a two bedroom apartment, but since the market as dropped the apartment prices have SKY ROCKETED!! Seeing this new price range we had a decision to make. Either we rent an apartment or we buy! And since prices for an apartment are pretty much the price of owning a home we decided to BUY!! 

WHOO!! What an exciting, but nerve racking decision! We are looking all over from, Mesa, Gilbert, QC, Apache, Gold Canyon, and Chandler. We now have decided to sale Logan's truck and have one car, so that we can save LOTS of bank. Plus, that will help us even more on buy a home because we won't have as many payments to make. What an exciting year!! What could happen next? Hopefully, everything runs smoothly and we live Happily Ever After! 


connie s.miles said...

Cute post Melissa! I had to chuckle at your cute choice of words. It IS Ka-RA-ZY how much has happened in such a short time. This time last year you were barely engaged! And now you're an ol' married lady with a babe on the way and soon a mortgage to pay. When you ski-dive into life you go head-first!! Congrats on everything wonderful in your life! Love, MOM

Meredith said...

Crazy Crazy few months you've had!

Melis said...

HOW FUN!!! I'm so excited for y'all! I am so stinkin' excited that I got on the MLS & starting looking at the properties out there (it's a favorite past time of mine). Melis, there are some fabulous ones out there! Happy house hunting!

Sam and Mandy said...

Wow, that is a lot going on! You will love owning your own home!!!

amy said...

welcome to happily ever after, melis! you're livin' it.
i cannot believe how much your life has changed in the past year! WOW!! You have handled everything like a true champ. House hunting is exhausting, but soo exciting and i can't think of a better position for you two to be in! you don't have to sell a previous place to get into your new house!! acore. wooo hoooo for you two (almost 3)!
and, happy mother's day!

Melis said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day, Melis! Hope your day has been most wonderful! Love you lots & lots!