Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exciting news!!

No... I know what your think and I'm sorry to inform you that I'm still pregnant. But I really do have good news! I just got a call from our Sales Person from were we bought our house and she told me that they've already started the underground plumbing for our home. Yayyy for progress!! She told me that they are planning on finishing the home by December. Also, I'm happy to know that we don't have to wait to move in until all the other 8 house in our little area are built. For those of you who didn't know we are moving into a division were they build homes of 8 at the same time that are sharing the same driveway entrance and I was afraid that they would make us wait to move into our home until all 8 are built. 

Anyway, I thought that was pretty exciting! The only downer point is that we are going to SAVE SAVE SAVE. Which isn't bad, but we are pretty much cutting way back on all entertainment. So, it will be rare that we will be spending money on dinner or a movie. I wish there plenty of dates we could do that didn't involve money, but the only one I can think of is going for a walk. I guess I'm just going to have to get creative. Have any ideas?


Meredith said...

No ideas at the moment for cheap dates. As soon as I think of something, I will let you know either here, in an email or text.

But congrats on your underground plumbing getting worked on!! Progress on the house is always exciting. Yay!!!

And I swear that I am working on finding that picture for you, but I am also working on my homework for class. So I might not be able to get it to you for the next couple of days.

The Graham Crackers said...

Alright! Congratulations! That's exciting! December will be here before you know it I'm sure. As far as ideas for dates...there's always going to a park and having a picnic on a blanket and swinging on the swings like little kids. haha! Good stuff... :)