Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Making Progress

Today was another OB appointment. I found out that I've dilated to a 2. I'm making progress! Slowly... But it's still progress. My doctor said I'm all baby. There's no fat on me! Whoot Whoot! I take after my mom. My doctor asked me if I want to wait until I go into labor and I said I don't want to be over due that's for sure. So, if nothing has happened by my next appoint, Wednesday Sept. 10th. Then I'm going to be helped along. That's 2 days before my due date so that's good. If not this week, then most defiantly next week we will have a baby boy!


beloved30 said...

Yay for progress! Yay for babies! I had a dream last night that I went into labor. I can't wait to hold my baby! 10 more weeks for me! Though I wish I was where you are.

amy said...

i am laughing at the comment 'all baby'. that's for sure! you're so darn cute.
happy to hear your are progressing! it makes the waiting a little easier.
can't wait to meet the leetle guy!

Meredith said...

Yay! Progress is most definitely good! Yeah, you are for sure all baby. For some reason, growing up, I always knew that when you got married and had a baby, you would look like you do! Haha.

And Miles will be here soon! Are you getting excited? I am! And I'm not even gonna be seeing him all the time and whatnot.