Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poor Lil' Man AGAIN!!

Oh dang! Miles is not happy! Today Miles was grumpy still from the day before. Then around 4pm I noticed that he had a temp at 99.8. Then from that time to 5pm his temp raised to 101.7. Logan ended up coming home early so we could go to the doctor's office. When we arrived to the doctors office we wait for a while because we were there after hours for their "Twilight" services. It definitely beats having to go to the Emergency Room. 

When they finally called "LOGAN?" We found out that Miles is now 12lbs 3oz. Are you kidding me?! I bet by the time he's 3 months he'll be 20lbs. Just you wait! Hahaha... Anyway, we waited in the little room for the nurse to come check Miles when she finally did we learned that he was OK and that he probably has a fever because of his shots. She told us to use Baby Tylenol, which is doing wonders, about 30 mins after taking his medicine his fever dropped back down to a normal temp. Yayyy!! At least today ended on a happy note.


connie s.miles said...

Hope he's feeling better today. Love you guys!

PS! Can't believe how big he's getting!! He's going to be a strapping young man like his daddy.

Meredith said...

Oh, poor thing. I'm glad he's feeling better.

And dang! He really is getting big! But we love those big and chunky babies!

Melis said...

Awh, lil' Miles! I am glad to hear he is feeling better!

I am feeling the pain of all the "firsts" all over again... first shots, temperature, tooth... they sure go through a lot in their first year... it's almost just not fair! You're a great Mom, Melis!

We love you guys!

amy said...

i'm glad the tylenol is doing the trick! man, he sure is growing fast, hu! how fun!!
he's sooooo dang cute, meliss!