Monday, November 10, 2008

Poor Lil' Man

Today we went to the Miles's ped. for his 2 month check up. He's a health little toot. He now weighs 11lbs 13oz. He's about the size of Autumn but the funny thing is she had a month head start. Bottle feeding really puts on the pounds. Hahaha...

Anyway, the visit to the doctor wasn't all good news. The bad news was that Miles had to get his shots. 1 in 1 leg and 2 in the other leg. Sad day! I've never seen Miles cry so hard. Talk about traumatizing for my little boy and for me! I nearly cried myself, but I had to be strong. I'm glad today is over! 

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Meredith said...

Wow, chunky baby! I love it!

And poor thing. I hate it when babies get shots. The little looks on their faces and their wails. It just makes me sad. I'm glad that you were strong for him, though!