Friday, August 28, 2009

"Bay Bee" and Tasty Cakes

Miles has officially said his first word! "Bay Bee"
Well he's been saying "da da", but he isn't aware of it, so we say baby is he's first real word.
Yesterday, Meredith and her niece Chloe came over to play and
Miles loved that he was bigger than her.
He kept on trying to push her around, but we would stop him saying,
"Be nice to the baby."
Then out of no where he pointed at her and whispered, "Bay Bee."
Now he looks in the mirror at himself and says "Bay Bee."
If you show him a picture of him as baby he says "Bay Bee".
He for sure knows that he's saying!!
Yayyyyy Miles!!

We've taken Miles off formula.
Which meals that I have to actually put effort into feeding Miles.
Hahaha... That sounds so horrible.
What I meant by that was when he was on formula it is so easy to just give him a bottle.
He's doing a great job with eating.
He loves that he's eating something new everyday.
This morning I decided to make some pancakes and
Miles was so excited.
He wouldn't stop eating.
He ate more than half.
Good job Miles!!


Meredith said...

That was so cute yesterday. "Bay bee. Bay bee." Hee hee.

And yay for Miles for eating so much! As well as recognizing himself in the mirror as a baby. He is so cute!

amy said...

so cute!! i wanna hear him say it!

amy said...

what a fabulous picture of lil miles on your header, melis!!! he is an absolute angel. i love the light on his face!

amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILES!!! we love you. :)