Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a lovely surprise!

On the morning of Miles's 1st birthday, I walked into his room to
wish him a happy birthday.
But to my surprise Miles was still asleep.
As I made my way over to his bed I could see that there
was something odd about Miles's outfit.
I notice Miles had no pajama pants on, but
what made this rather funny was that he had removed his diaper and was sleeping on it.
I guess since it was his birthday he could sleep naked if he wants to. Hahaha...


connie s.miles said...

OOOOh - I want to pinch those cheeks!!

amy said...

he is wise beyond his years. he knows what a birthday suit is.
sooooo cute!!
and i love the new look, melis!

Meredith said...

That is TOO TOO Cute and funny!

The Graham Crackers said...

hahaha! Gotta love waking up your child and seeing a big bare butt staring you in the face! haha! Wyatt went through that stage not too long ago. We were about to try duct tape on him, but thank goodness he got over it. Miles is just too dang cute! I love the picture on the top of your page, so cute! Hope you guys are doing great :)

amy said...

melis- here's the link to the 21 challenge posts on rhonna's blog. just scroll down to get to day one. the idea is that you choose a habit you want to make or brake and then work on it for 21 days. it's cool, cuz you can do it on your own and just go to her post for that day ( day one, day two... day 18) and read her inspiring quote for the day. just keeps you going and motivated! i highly recommend it.

amy said...



Melis said...

This seriously cracks {get it??!!} me up! And guess what... here I sit watching Reed play in the same pair of pajamas {except he has his bottoms on... lol}!