Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coloring Time

Today I decided to let Miles paint.
So I dressed him in one of Logan's old work shirts from R&K,
put him in his highchair,
gave him is Toddler Paints Brushes, and a piece of paper.
It didn't take long for him to jump right into it.

It wasn't long before idea became a mess.

Cute close up his little hands holding the paint brushes.

Messy Hands!

Right after he was done I decided to give him a bath.
I thought he looked so cute in his outfit.
I had to get a after picture.
I think he looks like me in this pic.

Miles really enjoys his bath time.
Hence the water flying every where.
Mom I was far away from the tub, your camera is fine.

That's my baby boy!
The End!


connie s.miles said...

Too Cute! The next Rembrandt!! But I think he had more fun taking his bath than painting. :0)

amy said...

he is delicious!! i love those little paint brushes. way cool.

amy said...

he's so cute melis!!!!!!