Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news!

We are officially owners of our beautiful piano!! We were originally renting our piano from Milano's. The deal was we would put down $200 and pay $50.00 per month for 1 year, and in the end all the money we put towards to this piano could be used to buy the piano or buy a different piano. Anyway, money has been really tight, we already paid $300 on the piano, but I started to feel that we couldn't afford the piano. I mean we could afford to pay $50 each month, but at the end of the year we would have $800 paid towards the piano, but we would still owe a $1395. I didn't really want to buy a different piano. Ours is every pretty and it's Baldwin, which has a beautiful sound. Well, right before we were about to return our piano, Logan talked to the Milano's people, and it turns out that the owner what some quick cash. So if we gave them $1000 right then we could have the piano! Thank you tax refund!! But seriously we saved some bank, because the piano original price was $2195, and we paid $1300 for it. We saved $895! So now we are officially piano owners!! Yayyy me!


amy said...

so cool, melis!! what a deal. i'm happy for you guys!

Wissal Aqtash said...

i liked this deal
good for you
enjoy :P