Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Birthday Wish... Is March to early to be thinking about my birthday?

I wish that ...
I could spend a day just shopping
for new clothes.
I believe the last time
I really went shopping for a good
amount of new clothing was when I was pregnant.
The majority of all my clothing has long ago
reached the end of their days.
I want to go to all my favorite stores.
I want tons of color.
I want plenty of options.
I want to feel attractive again.
I shop with at a little one, sorry Miles.
I want someone to go with me.
That's my birthday wish.


connie s.miles said...

We can do that. :)

Family of 3 said...

That would be awesome!! I miss spending time with you.

Melis said...

Awh, you guys are gonna have a great time! Sounds like the perfect birthday wish come true to me!