Monday, May 10, 2010

The Next Big Step

In the past I've always wanted to attend Cosmetology school,
but I never acted on it.
Recently I've had an even more desire to start school,
but that feeling was put off by baby fever.
Even though I had baby fever,
and Logan and I were pretty much try,
I decide to look into school anyway.
I ended up deciding to go to Avalon, a.k.a Earl's Academy.
I was so excited, I was suppose to start June 15th.
Then one day Logan called me,
and said that his co-worker's wife went to Toni & Guy
and she was offered a job just because she went to T&G for schooling.
So I decided to look around just in case.
After talking to a few people, and a lot of high-end salons,
I decided that the best schools are, Kohler Academy, Toni & Guy, Paul Mitchell.
First was Kohler, and they were amazing,
only issues is that they don't offer financial aid, and their tuition is $18,000.
Toni & Guy was ok, and the same goes for Paul Mitchell.
I really wanted to go to Kohler, but it was way to expensive.
One day I decided to call Kohler's admissions and
I found out that they should be getting financial aid either this fall, Jan 011, or Dec 011.
After a great deal of prayer and thought I came to the feeling that Kohler is the best option once they have financial aid.
So I cancel with Avalon, put the baby trying on hold, and I will soon be a student at Kohler Academy!

What makes Kohler the best:
1. They work Bumble and Bumble (which looks amazing on a resume, very exclusive)
2. They work with Bare Minerals
3. Their kit is amazing, 7 books that teach everything, none of the other schools offered these books! Also, a $200 flat iron that is ten times better than the Chi!
4. They teach you not only hair, but make-up(bare minerals),
nails, and skin care(Dermalogica)
5. The Academy is awesome!!
6. They have a spray on tanning area that I get to use.
7. They do study aboard, like France, England, Japan, and may more places!
8. They have tons of fashion shows through out the school year.
9. The staff is very nice.
10. Very professional all the Salon's love Kohler!

I'm soooooo excited!!


connie s.miles said...

Don't you think you could squeeze in one more baby before starting school? (Spoken like a true grandmother.)

I would have said "squeeze out" but decided that was a little too graphic. teehee

amy said...

I'm so excited for you!! way to go, melis! Lol, mom, i thought the same thing when i read "in" i thought, "more like 'out'."

Meredith said...

I am so glad that you were able to make a decision. Good luck!

connie s.miles said...

Miss - You haven't blogged about your family in a long time. I wish blogging had been invented when I was a young mother. Then we would have a more complete history of our family and your growing up years. Don't miss this opportunity - you will be glad that you blogged about it all someday in the future when your little ones are all grown up.

amy said...

woohoo!! you start so soon! good luck with it all. i can't wait. :)

Connie Miles said...

How about updating your blog with all your fun experience at Kohler!!